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BrainPOP ESL Basics

What is BrainPOP ESL?

Who should use BrainPOP ESL?

Is BrainPOP ESL aligned to Common Core standards?

Is BrainPOP ESL aligned to the Common European Framework (CEF)?

Where do I start?

What teaching resources does BrainPOP ESL offer?

What are the main features of a BrainPOP ESL movie?

Do BrainPOP ESL movies have a closed caption option?

How do teachers use BrainPOP ESL?

Is there a BrainPOP ESL app?

BrainPOP ESL Features

What is Words to Know?

What is Facts to Know?

What is Know More?

What are Words, Words, Words?

What is Read It?

What is Write It?

What is Hear It, Say It and how does it work?

What is Play It?

What is Warm Up?

What is You Can Do It?

What is At a Glance?

What are Word Lists?

BrainPOP ESL Android App

Is there a BrainPOP ESL App for Android?

Can I purchase BrainPOP ESL via the Android app?

I have an Android app subscription but it says I’m not logged in to the app.

Can I access my Android app subscription on multiple devices?

BrainPOP ESL Windows App

Is there a BrainPOP ESL App for Windows?

Am I able to view all of the lessons on the BrainPOP ESL app for Windows?

How can I subscribe to access all BrainPOP ESL lessons via the Windows app?

Does the BrainPOP ESL Windows app save my quiz scores?