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BrainPOP Jr. Basics

What is BrainPOP Jr.?

For which grades is BrainPOP Jr. appropriate?

What are the key features of a BrainPOP Jr. movie?

Are BrainPOP Jr. movies closed captioned?

Are BrainPOP Jr. movies aligned to the Common Core or other academic standards?

BrainPOP Jr. Features

What is GameUp?

Describe the BrainPOP Jr. quizzes.

What is the Game?

What is the Word Wall?

What is the Talk About It?

What is the Write About It?

What is the Draw About It?

What is the Read About It?

What is the Activity?

What is the Belly Up?

What is the Pop a Joke?

What are the Lesson Ideas?

What is the Big Word Wall?

What is the Bulletin Board?