The Mixer is a tool that lets you create and share custom, BrainPOP-style quizzes. It’s a great way to tailor assessment and meet all your students’ needs. 

If you’re having trouble using it, feel free to contact us at any time – we’re happy to help!

We do, however, encourage you to first explore these frequently asked questions. There’s a pretty good chance yours is among them, and it’s the fastest way to get answers. We’ve also created a series of detailed screencasts and guides to get you started with this new feature.


What is the Mixer™?

Can I find quizzes from BrainPOP Jr. and ESL on the Mixer?

I have an in-app subscription to BrainPOP. Can I use the Mixer?

How do I access the Mixer?

Who has access to the Mixer?

How do I link my existing My BrainPOP teacher account to my BrainPOP subscription?

Making Quizzes

How do I create a quiz?

How do I add questions to my quiz?

How do I edit a question in my quiz?

How does the Mixer’s search function work?

How do I change my quiz’s title?

I’m done adding questions. How can my students take my quiz?

Managing Quizzes

What do Draft, Private, Pending publication, and Shared mean?

Where can I go to see all of my quizzes?

I forgot my quiz code! Where can I find it?

What’s the easiest way to make a duplicate of one of my own quizzes?

Can I make changes to a quiz I’ve already published?

I’m having trouble printing quizzes.

My browser crashes when I click the Print button.

Taking a Mixed Quiz

Will the Mixer grade open-ended questions?

Can my students email their results to me?

How do students access one of my mixed quizzes?

The Mixer Community

I’ve added another user’s question to my quiz. What happens if that user edits or deletes the original question?

Where can I find the latest user-generated quizzes about a particular topic?