50+ Creative Uses for the Make-a-Map Tool

September 12, 2014

BrainPOP's Make-A-Map concept mapping tool is incredibly versatile. Here are just a few uses for the Make-A-Map tool showing you the ways you can use it in your school: General Classroom Uses A...

De-Coding the Code Fred Science Game from the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago

June 5, 2014

Originally Recorded May 2014 De-code the coding process! Go behind the scenes with game designers from the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago, makers of the GameUp Code Fred science game, for a...

MedMyst Animal Alert! Science Game

May 6, 2014

Visit the Lesson Ideas page to find resources for the MedMyst Animal Alert!, a free online science game from Rice University that allows students to role play science careers....

Cool Science Careers: Imagine Yourself Game

May 6, 2014

Categories: Science Games
Visit the Lesson Ideas page to find resources for the Cool Science Careers: Imagine Yourself Game, a free online science game from Rice University....

Come Play! Mission US: A Cheyenne Odyssey Social Studies Game

April 29, 2014

Originally Recorded April 2014 We welcome Christopher W. Czajka, Senior Director at LAB@Thirteen, the producer of our GameUp title Mission US: A Cheyenne Odyssey. Christopher will discuss how this ...

Physics for Kids Lesson Plan: Go Vector Go Game

April 26, 2014

In this physics for kids lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades K-5, students use an online game to explore advanced physics concepts such as force magnitude, force direction, friction, mass, grav...

Insects make their Debut on BrainPOP Jr.

April 11, 2014

Categories: BrainPOP Jr. Science
Scientists have found about a million species of insects! In this new science movie, Annie and Moby explore insects and their different traits. You'll find out about insects’ anatomy, behavior, life...

What Video Games Can Teach Educators

April 7, 2014

Last week, guest blogger Caryn Swark shared her tips and tricks for game design in the classroom. Now, she's taken to her own blog to explore the benefits of video games for educators. With an interes...

Code Fred: a New Science Game Now on GameUp

April 4, 2014

Categories: GameUP
We're excited to feature another incredible free science game by our partners at the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago! You may already be familiar with The Museum's Simple Machines gam...

Sortify Educational Game Trailer

April 4, 2014

Categories: GameUP Health Games
Want to see the Sortify game in action? Check out this educational game trailer which explains how to play the game, as well as teaching and assessment tips for Sortify. You'll also see how students c...