BrainPOP Top 10 List for 2013

December 27, 2013

Enjoy our annual top 10 list outlining special developments at BrainPOP in 2013. Subscribe to the blog and be the first to hear about the latest developments at BrainPOP all year long! 10) Read All A...

Chronopticon Essential Questions

May 29, 2013

How do the components of our Solar System move and interact with one another? How do the motions of Earth and our moon affect our lives? How does Earth's relationship to the sun affect our plan...

One Man Band Music Game

January 28, 2013

Categories: Art GameUP Music
Visit the lesson ideas page to find resources for One Man Band, a free online music game....

Chronopticon Differentiation Strategies

January 24, 2013

The Chronopticon game can be used in many different ways to meet the needs of students at a varying range of ability levels. We suggest that you utilize the game in the following ways: An in-cla...

Food Fight Tips and Tricks

January 23, 2013

Categories: GameUP Science Games
Playing Food Fight as a Class: Project the game onto a white screen or use an interactive whiteboard. Have students take turns in selecting species and offering one another strategy suggestions. Pl...

Educational Games: 5 Ways to Structure Game Play

January 1, 2013

There are lots of different ways you can have students explore online educational games. Here are five general approaches we can recommend to structure game play: Whole Class Game Play: Project the g...