Chef Solus’ Build A Meal Health Game

October 9, 2013

Categories: GameUP Health
Visit the lesson ideas page to find resources for Chef Solus' Build-a-Meal, a free online health game for teaching nutrition, health, and science concepts....

Reproductive System and Personal Health Lesson Plan: Urban Legends Debunked

September 2, 2011

Categories: Health Lesson Plan
In this lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades 6-12, students identify urban legends surrounding the reproductive system, adolescence, and/or personal health. Students then use BrainPOP and othe...

Eating Right Activities for Kids

May 22, 2010

Categories: BrainPOP Jr.
In this set of eating right activities for kids, adaptable for grades K-3, parents and educators will find ideas for teaching about healthy foods, healthy diets, and eating right. These activities are...