Carpenter’s Cut Differentation Strategies

The Carpenter’s Cut game encompasses a wide range of levels. You can support struggling learners by allowing them in play in pairs. You may want to prevent them from advancing to levels that are too difficult by instructing them to click “reset level” after each round of game play to clear the screen and display a new task. When this action is taken, a problem of similar difficulty will appear. If needed, play (or replay) the BrainPOP movies on Factoring, the Coommutative PropertyDivision, and/or Equations with Variables help students build the background knowledge needed for the game.

To challenge higher-achieving students, allow time for independent game play. You may want to set a timer for approximately 5-15 minutes and see how levels students can advance through in the time allotted. Encourage students to then work collaboratively to design their own math word problems that involve real world scenarios. You may want to specify that the problems involve specific math skills in addition to measurement, or instruct students to create multi-step problems. Students can write their problems on paper, or use applications such as PowerPoint or SMART Notebook software to create an interactive workspace similar to the one in the Carpenter’s Cut game.