Ice Cream Truck Game Play Strategies

Here are several Ice Cream Truck game play strategies for achieving a higher score:

Strategy Tips for Inventory:

The greater quantities student customers buy, the better the deals. For instance, 1 liter of ice cream costs $1.25, but students can purchase 2.5 liters for $2.50, which is more than twice the amount for only twice the price. Each day, students will also set the amount of ice cream, toppings, and price for each serving by moving the blue slider bars. As they slide these bars back and forth, guide students to note the box at the bottom of the screen that shows the maximum amount of servings that they can sell. For instance, if they have 5 grams of toppings in their inventory and they set the toppings to sell at one gram per serving, it will tell students that the maximum servings they can sell that round is five based on their limited amount of toppings.

Strategy for Popularity:

Caution students not to set the price too high! Even if higher prices result in making more money at first, students will find that their popularity will go down, which means that they will get fewer customers in the next round. Popularity matters! Guide students to understand that if they set a more fair price, their popularity will go up and they can expect more customers in the following round. When their popularity reaches five, they can expect a surprise when a famous visitor comes to buy some ice cream. After students purchase their inventory and set the amounts, they should select “start day” to see how they do in that round. At the end of each round, it will tell students how they did with two graphs which show the increase or decrease in money and popularity. Students should play through each city until they reach the final level where they can try to get the high score.

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