You Make Me Sick: My BrainPOP Additional Features

What are some My BrainPOP Additional features? Your students can sign up for individual logins through My BrainPOP, and then be able to take snapshots during You Make Me Sick game play! MyBrainPOP is available to BrainPOP Educators with 24/7 district- or school-wide subscriptions, and is easy for you to sign your students up. Check out our My BrainPOP FAQs for more info.

The snapshot tool allows students to capture significant moments in their gameplay with opportunities for brief written reflection. To use the tool, start by making sure students are logged into My BrainPOP with their own individual accounts. Once students are logged in, the SnapThought Tool will appear below any games that offer this capability.

During gameplay, students can click on the Snapshot tool up to 5 times per game. A thumbnail is generated and stored on the bottom left of the screen.  At any point in the game, students can click on their snapshot(s) and type a caption or response to a prompt, and save or submit it to your teacher’s account where you can view their data.

Keep in mind that students can take a snapshot during the game and then add the captions later. You may want to provide this alternative to avoid interrupting the flow of game play.  You can use the [game name] snapshots to facilitate discussion around game play and strategies, or have students submit the snapshots to you for assessment or accountability. Here are a few ideas for using the snapshot tool in You Make Me Sick:

1. Take a snapshot of your pathogen. Explain what features you chose to create your pathogen. Why did you choose them? (Possible response: I chose based on the hosts’ characteristics. My host has a broken refrigerator so I picked bacteria.)

2. Take a snapshot of your Choose a Host screen for one of your hosts. Explain whether you chose virus or bacteria as your pathogen. Why? Which traits are good for bacteria? Which are good for viruses?

3. Explain your transmission strategy (i.e., based on my host being a mouth breather, I chose airborne as a transmission strategy).

4. On the Customize a New Strain screen, take a snapshot. Explain which upgrades you bought with XP points and why you chose them (i.e., I chose Physical Virulence Boost so that I could more quickly infect our host, and we chose more time in the stomach because I struggled with that level last time and couldn’t get to the intestines.)

5. Take a snapshot of a scene once you’ve infected all the items you want. Which items did you infect? Why? (i.e., I infected the newspaper, lollipop, and air vent because….)

6. Take a snapshot of an object you feel like you’ve done a good job infecting with pathogen slurry. Why do you think this object is likely to infect the host? How did you choose where to spray the pathogen slurry?

7. Take a snapshot before you close out of the game to record your progress.

8. Take a snapshot of the Proliferation results screen. Look at your Matches, Stats, and Reflection Bonus. What went well? What would you do differently next time?

9. Before you end the game, go back to the host screen and take a snapshot.

10/ Take a snapshot of the Results screen showing your Certificate of Virulence & Gameplay Report. Then choose one of the following questions to reflect on:

  • On the Certificate, which mini-game was the most challenging for you? Why?
  • Which character was your most successful? What knowledge did you use to succeed on that level?
  • Pick one pathogen trait and human host trait that you matched. Explain your thinking.
  • Pick one pathogen trait & human host trait that you did not identify. What would you have done differently?