Planet Mechanic Game Play Questions

Facilitate discussion with students around their Planet Mechanic game play strategies using the following questions:

  • Can you find a planet in the game that has the same conditions as Earth? How are the two planets are alike and different?
  • Are there any planets in the game that have conditions close to that of Mars? Compare and contrast that planet and Mars.
  • Describe/draw a planet you designed. Why did you design it that way? What would it like to be on that planet? How is it different from Earth?
  • Think about a time during game play in which an alien asked for changes to the planet. How could you create those changes?
  • Tell about an eclipse you designed. How does it work?
  • Find a planet in the game where water is frozen all the time. How did you design this planet?
  • Which planet in the game is most different from Earth. What would it be like there?

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