You Make Me Sick: Health Game Essential Questions and Learning Goals

  • How do organs and tissues interact with one another and carry out life functions?

  • How do organ systems work and respond to changing demands of an organism?

  • How are traits in organisms passed from one generation to another?

You can use these three You Make Me Sick health game essential questions to help guide student thinking and assist students in making connections between game play and real life.  Also, talk to your students what they’ll be able to accomplish by playing the game:

  • Explain some of the ways that people can avoid bacterial and viral infection

  • Describe the anatomy and functions of bacteria and viruses

  • Describe how bacteria and viruses reproduce and carry out life functions

  • Evaluate how lifestyle choices and environments (e.g., tobacco, drug, and alcohol use, amount of exercise, quality of air, and kinds of food) affect the immune system in the human body

  • Collaboratively generate creative solutions

  • Apply methods for making trade-offs to choose the best solution

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