Creating Your My BrainPOP Account

This screencast explains the process for creating your own My BrainPOP teacher account.  My BrainPOP is available to all subscribers associated with a 24/7 school subscription.

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  • Master Mommy Mode

    I can not sign up

    • cemignano

      Hi! The My BrainPOP accounts are only available for teachers and students at schools with 24/7 BrainPOP accounts. If you’re interested in home access, please visit our store:
      Please let us know if you have any questions :)

  • jarvis


  • william

    Why can’t parents sign up?

    • cemignano

      Hi William- My BrainPOP is currently only available to teachers and students who are part of a school with a 24/7 BrainPOP subscription.

      • Nina

        How can you sign up?i can never get to find out how to sign up.

  • connectionsacademy

    Is there a link to make a MyBrainPOP account? If there is I still haven’t figured out how to make one

    • brainpopandrew

      Hi there – Schools that are eligible for My BrainPOP will receive a code for teachers to use. Upon receiving and entering the code, the system will guide you through the account setup process. Check out or FAQs for more support

  • Luis

    Okay, I’ve been trying to find the place where I am supposed to enter my school’s code and there is not such thing. is it in the search tool? Thanks…

    • cemignano

      Hi Luis- Are you a student or a teacher? The teacher and student registration processes are different. Students need a class code that they receive from their teacher and teachers need a school code.

  • Zayd

    can i sign up without paying or giving a code? thanks…