Creating Your My BrainPOP Account

This screencast explains the process for creating your own My BrainPOP teacher account.  My BrainPOP is available to all subscribers associated with a school subscription.

  • Master Mommy Mode

    I can not sign up

    • cemignano

      Hi! The My BrainPOP accounts are only available for teachers and students at schools with 24/7 BrainPOP accounts. If you’re interested in home access, please visit our store:
      Please let us know if you have any questions :)

  • jarvis


  • william

    Why can’t parents sign up?

    • cemignano

      Hi William- My BrainPOP is currently only available to teachers and students who are part of a school with a 24/7 BrainPOP subscription.

      • Nina

        How can you sign up?i can never get to find out how to sign up.

  • connectionsacademy

    Is there a link to make a MyBrainPOP account? If there is I still haven’t figured out how to make one

    • brainpopandrew

      Hi there – Schools that are eligible for My BrainPOP will receive a code for teachers to use. Upon receiving and entering the code, the system will guide you through the account setup process. Check out or FAQs for more support

  • Luis

    Okay, I’ve been trying to find the place where I am supposed to enter my school’s code and there is not such thing. is it in the search tool? Thanks…

    • cemignano

      Hi Luis- Are you a student or a teacher? The teacher and student registration processes are different. Students need a class code that they receive from their teacher and teachers need a school code.

      • Vanetta


        I have purchased a subscription to Brain Pop, but it will not allow me to open it on the computer connected to my SMARTboard. However, I tried my login at home tonight and was able to access it. Could it be that my computer is too old to access Brainpop? The window comes up for me to type in my username and password, but it will not do anything when I click on login. Thanks in advance for a solution or help. Vanetta

        • cemignano

          Hi Vanetta!

          So sorry you haven’t been able to access BrainPOP on your SMARTboard. Please send us an email at so we can help troubleshoot – it shouldn’t be an issue!

  • Zayd

    can i sign up without paying or giving a code? thanks…

  • MSan

    Hi I received a 12 month subscription for brainpop and brainpop jr. I am a computer teacher and would like my 900 students to have access to this account but when I try to get a code it tells me I’m unable to. What can I do to get that educator access for my school/class if I already paid for the 12 month subscription?

    • cemignano

      Hi MSan! My BrainPOP is available to teachers who are at a school that has a school-wide BrainPOP subscription. Single classroom subscriptions unfortunately don’t have access to this feature. Please get in touch with us at and we’d be happy to discuss some options. Thanks!

      • akidwhoneedsateacher

        I go to school but I don’t have a user and password

  • cbarash

    Can we set up a teacher’s account for a school wide brainpop Jr?

    • cemignano

      Hi cbarash!

      At this time, the individual accounts are only available for BrainPOP. We apologize for any inconvenience!

  • BethanyA

    I do not see “what’s a code” under Submit.

    • cemignano

      Hi Bethany! On, click the ENTER CODE button. When that toolbar opens, there’s a teal-colored link that says “What’s a code?” If you still don’t see it, get in touch at and we’ll help troubleshoot.