Quality Teacher Resources: My BrainPOP and the Mixer Webinar

Learn about new teacher resources in this new webinar. My BrainPOP and the Mixer – our two newest features – make it easy to create custom assessments and track student learning through game play, quizzes, and activities. Join us as we explore all that they have to offer. Please note, this webinar is open to everyone, but the Mixer and My BrainPOP are available only to those with 24/7 school subscriptions.

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  • ernestolara113

    Earlier, I watched the webinar on flipping the classroom. I just finished watching this webinar. The new BrainPop Educators looks great and I look forward to using more of it. I always used the videos and quizzes provided as an in class introduction, but I didn’t realize how much more BrainPop offers. When was this feature available? The quiz mixer looks easy to use, and the fact that other teacher created quizzes are available to me is awesome. I did have one question, during the student portion of the webinar, you stated that once a student submits an activity, they can no longer edit or re-submit that activity. But during the teacher portion, you stated that the teacher could make comments on the work and ask the students to go back and add or change things on their activity. Will the students have to redo the activity and resubmit it as if it where the first time he does that activity? Please send me a certification of participation for my professional development. Thank you! I look forward to the next webinar!