BrainPOP Funding Success Stories

From large Federal i3 grants to smaller classroom donations like DonorsChoose, many users successfully find grants to support the cost of their BrainPOP subscription. Read about their grant success stories below. If you are able to secure funding from a grant or foundation, we’d love to feature your story here, too. Simply email us your story.
Grant Success Story from DonorsChoose

Thank you so much for funding the BrainPOP computer subscription for my 7th grade students! With this multimedia technology we can explore every standard required for 7th grade in an engaging and interactive way.

BrainPOP can be used either as introduction of new material or to check for understanding/review... It is a wonderfully versatile tool, which increases the engagement and learning of my students whether they be GATE, regular education, or struggling learners. It truly offers something for everyone.

Thank you, once again, for your generosity. My students and I will think of our donors and thank you, every time we use the BrainPOP subscription!

With gratitude,
Mrs. F.

DonorsChoose: Chevron Teacher's Grant $1,243
Mrs. Fiddler – Middle School – California
Topsham Grange Awards Technology Grant to Lisbon School

Moving forward with their continued support to the school, members recently voted to award a $200 technology grant.

Laurie Adams, computer teacher at LCS, said the grant supports the BrainPOP program, an animated educational site for kids in science, social studies, English, math, arts, music, health, engineering and technology.

“The computer program is a valuable resource to integrate into the curriculum to teach and motivate students,” said Adams.

Assistant Principal Ryan Patrie said, “The grant will provide LCS students in grades one through five the ability to experience the inter-active software. We are extremely fortunate to have community partners like Topsham Grange support our school and our students by providing resources to continually improve our content areas.”

Lewiston Sun Journal: Topsham Grange 37 Community Partner Award $200
Lisbon Community School – Maine
School Foundation Gets More Pop for the Buck with Small Grants

Pratt, Kansas - Karen Blasi is excited about a $300 grant she will share with three other teachers at Liberty Middle School.

They will use the Pratt Public School Foundation award to pay part of the cost of BrainPop, a web-based site that provides animated curriculum-based content that supports classroom lessons in a variety of subjects: science, health, technology, math, social studies, arts, music and English. Content is aligned with state educational standards and is continually updated, incorporating teacher and parent input.

“It is a terrific resource students love,” she said.

Pratt Tribune: Pratt Public School Foundation Award $300
Liberty Middle School – Kansas
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