My BrainPOP
Introducing the Mixerâ„¢
The Mixer is a tool that lets you create and share custom, BrainPOP-style quizzes. It's now part of My BrainPOP, which is available at no additional cost to school-wide BrainPOP subscribers with 24/7 access. (This includes district-wide subscribers with school-specific usernames.)
Note: If you previously published quizzes using the Mixer, but don't have a 24/7 school-wide subscription, you and your students can still access them. Get in touch and we'll send you the quiz codes.

With the Mixer, you can:
  • Search for multiple choice and open-response questions written by BrainPOP and educators like you. Add any question to your quiz, and edit it as you like Write your own multiple choice and open-response questions
  • Add images to questions
  • See which quizzes individual students have completed, and when they completed them
  • See how the class as a whole has performed on a quiz
  • Grade open-response questions
  • Comment on completed quizzes
Students can take your quiz using a code you create.

Learn more: watch our Mixer screencasts, and read about getting started with the Mixer! Still have questions? Get in touch.