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    BrainPOP and COPPA


    Dear [Parent or Guardian’s Full Name],

    We are writing to you in connection with our school’s new online learning resource – BrainPOP – a cross-curriculum, interactive online teaching and learning website that we would like to use in lessons, projects, homework, assessments, and more. We refer to this as the BrainPOP platform in this letter. The BrainPOP platform includes learning videos, quizzes, and concept maps to enhance your child’s learning and understanding of the subjects we cover in class. We plan to use the BrainPOP platform as part of our teaching and, as part of this, the school will, if you consent to this (more details below), provide a username and password for your child to access their own online BrainPOP platform account.

    Teachers will tailor the content and quizzes available on the BrainPOP platform to what they are teaching in class at the time. By accessing the BrainPOP platform using the login information provided by the school, your child will be able to use the content tailored for students by their teacher, including taking part in quizzes.

    The school will have oversight and control of login details and access to your child’s BrainPOP platform account. Your child’s teacher will be able to access his or her BrainPOP platform account to review your child’s learning and test scores.

    What follows is a privacy notice from the company that operates the BrainPOP platform.


    The purpose of this notice is to explain the BrainPOP platform to you so that you can then decide whether to give your parental consent to the school and BrainPOP so that your child can use this resource to enhance learning. This notice explains the limited personal data that BrainPOP will collect from or about your child as part of BrainPOP activities, how it will be used, and your and your child’s rights regarding that data under applicable data protection laws. If you have previously provided consent to your child’s use of BrainPOP, then this will serve as an update to our policies and practices. If you have not previously provided consented to your child’s use of BrainPOP, please read, sign and return the consent letter included with this notice.

    Please note that this notice does not apply to what the school, teachers at the school, or other’s authorized by the school do with the personal data that they may access in the BrainPOP platform. The school has its own privacy notice relating to its own use of personal data. This notice is all about what BrainPOP does with personal data.

    Who is BrainPOP, who operates the BrainPOP platform, and how to contact BrainPOP?

    BrainPOP is a trusted learning resource provided through your child’s school by BrainPOP LLC (“BrainPOP”). BrainPOP was founded in 1999 by Dr. Avraham Kadar to provide a creative way to explain difficult concepts to young people. Today BrainPOP is a trusted learning resource, supporting millions of learners worldwide.

    You can contact BrainPOP by email at info@brainpop.com; by toll-free phone at (866) 54-BRAIN (866-542-7246); or by mail at:

    71 W 23rd St
    17th Floor
    New York, NY 10010

    Please do not hesitate to contact BrainPOP with any questions you may have, including questions about this privacy notice, or if you wish to exercise any of the rights mentioned in this privacy notice on behalf of your child.

    The limited personal data BrainPOP may collect about your child

    Through your child’s use of the BrainPOP platform, BrainPOP may collect:

    • Your child’s full name;
    • Which class your child is in and the year that they will finish school;
    • Your child’s BrainPOP username and password;
    • The work under your child’s account (student record); and
    • If your child creates a movie with the Make-a-Movie tool within the BrainPOP platform, the child’s recorded voice may also be collected as part of the movie file that will be saved in their student record.

    Note that we refer to all the above as your child’s limited personal data for the remainder of this notice.

    BrainPOP also automatically receives and records information on our server logs from user’s browsers, including IP addresses. BrainPOP uses IP addresses to maintain a user’s session and does not store the IP addresses after the session is over. This information is not combined with your child’s limited personal data.

    How will your child’s limited personal data be used by BrainPOP?

    It is important that you understand that BrainPOP only captures students’ limited personal data so that teachers can review and communicate with the students about their learning. Therefore, your child’s limited personal data is only used for the operational and educational purposes of the BrainPOP platform.

    Your child’s school will have oversight and control of login details and access to your child’s BrainPOP platform account. Your child’s teacher will be able to access her or his BrainPOP platform teacher account to review your child’s learning and offer feedback.

    BrainPOP will not use your child’s limited personal data for any marketing communications. The BrainPOP platform does not have any advertising or website message boards, such as bulletin boards or chat rooms.

    From time to time, BrainPOP will anonymize the limited personal data we hold about your child to improve BrainPOP services and analyze how BrainPOP is being used by schools and students. BrainPOP may use or share anonymous information or aggregate and de-identified information for educational research purposes, to evaluate the educational benefit of using our services, to improve our services, or to show the efficacy and usage when marketing the BrainPOP platform. Please see BrainPOP’s Privacy Policy for a full list of who this information may be shared with at the link provided at the end of this notice.

    We may also need to share your child’s limited personal data with BrainPOP’s partners, business affiliates, and third-party service providers who work for BrainPOP and help make BrainPOP work, such as hosting services and streaming services. They are well-known, established service providers, who are bound contractually to practice adequate security measures and only use your information for the sole purpose of providing the services. Such sharing is limited to that necessary to operate the BrainPOP platform and services. These third parties do not have independent right to share your personally identifiable information.

    Your consent

    Parents and legal guardians of children under 13 who use BrainPOP have certain rights under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and BrainPOP supports those rights. BrainPOP does not collect, use, or disclose personally-identifying information from children under 13, without a parent or guardian’s consent. You are being asked to provide your consent related to your child’s use of BrainPOP through the school.

    How to withdraw consent

    You may withdraw your consent at any time. Please contact BrainPOP using the contact information provided above to do so. The consequence is that your child will no longer be permitted to access the BrainPOP platform unless and until they are old enough to consent for themselves.

    You should also contact the school if you withdraw consent.

    How long will BrainPOP retain your child’s limited personal data?

    Unless we explain otherwise, BrainPOP retains your child’s limited personal data for as long as the school holds a subscription to BrainPOP, and for a period of 2 years after the subscription ends. After such period, all information is automatically disposed and deleted; first, it is deleted from the server and two weeks later it is deleted from any backup server and cannot be restored. Your child’s school has the ability to delete your child’s personal data at any time during the school’s subscription or instruct BrainPOP to delete the data after its subscription ends.

    Your right to review your child’s limited personal data collected by BrainPOP

    You can request your child’s BrainPOP login information from your child or from your child’s teacher. You are encouraged to use your child’s login information to view all of his or her activities and progress at any time. You may also contact BrainPOP using the contact information above and ask to review the information about your child that BrainPOP collects.

    You may request that your child’s limited personal information be deleted or request changes to the information, if it is inaccurate or misleading by contacting the school or your child’s teacher, or by contacting BrainPOP, as described above.

    How to get more information

    For more information on BrainPOP’s privacy practices, you are encouraged to review the full version of BrainPOP’s Privacy Policy, available at https://www.brainpop.com/about/privacy_policy/ or contact BrainPOP directly, as described above.