BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. are the most captivating web sites I use in my computer lab all year! My students LOVE the short educational yet entertaining movies and I LOVE the writing activities, games and quizzes that go along with each movie! The students’ favorite activity is when we use the Promethean board to watch the movie and then use the ActiVote devices to take the quiz as a class- they get to vote for their preferred answer too! Woodstock Elementary School LOVES Moby!”

Kristen Brooks
K-5th Grade (Technology Teacher)
Woodstock Elementary School
Woodstock, GA

I’ve been using BrainPOP for years, and now the Featured Movie app is an integral part of my day. It teaches and reviews new content, and it’s a fun motivating tool. Kids love the quizzes, and I love the content!”

Jayne Clare
6th Grade
Southampton Intermediate School
Southampton, NY

“You know a product is doing something right when kids walk in and ask daily what Tim and Moby will share with them today! BrainPOP movies add a great introductory, research, and inquiry-based learning activity. I love how interactive we can get with pausing to predict or ask questions and taking the quiz- and kids usually love to run it! We also love how easy it integrates with Google Apps and the iPad. Keep up the awesome work, BrainPOP! Beep!”

Wendy Gorton, MA
Middle School/High School
American International School
Chennai, India

BrainPOP Jr. has changed the way I teach! Annie and Moby break down specific topics, so that all my students understand. We not only watch the movies, but take the quizzes, play games, write, read the comic strips...and the list goes on and on! My students love BrainPOP Jr. clips and often watch them over and over again on their own time. Annie and Moby play a huge role in my classroom! The movies are so well done and truly capture the key elements of the subject matter I teach. BrainPOP Jr. has such a wide variety of movies, from how to use a computer to reading, writing and math. What a wonderful product! I LOVE it!”

Christine Yarzabek
1st Grade
Hershey Early Childhood Center
Hershey, PA

I just wanted to let you know how much my beginning students LOVE using BrainPOP ESL. I have enjoyed implementing it into my classroom and have found that it works especially well for reinforcing instruction.

Keep up the great work!
Kendra Laymon
2nd Grade (ESL/ELL)
Glencliff Elementary School
Nashville, TN

“I was first introduced to BrainPOP three years ago and use it regularly in my science classroom! I use the movies to introduce new concepts, reinforce learning, and for students to study independently. I love the worksheets, graphic organizers, and many other activity sheets that fit the particular needs of my students; being able to take and submit the quizzes online has made BrainPOP an incredibly valuable web resource! Recently, I discovered that BrainPOP provides a detailed list of the standards. Our whole science department has fallen in love with BrainPOP as a classroom resource, and we renew annually. Hopefully BrainPOP will be coming to a conference near me soon!”

Rachael Tarshes
8th Grade
Mann Middle School
San Diego, CA

“I've used BrainPOP as a needed supplement this school year. I teach a small group of students in a cooperative setting. Using BrainPOP, I can navigate between all students effectively. I'll teach a concept and have a student watch a BrainPOP video on that concept, as I move on to the next student. I can flow between all my students and their diverse needs by supplementing with BrainPOP. It's a great tool for home school students working in groups. I've also found that using humor and visual cues often make it easier for a student to learn the concept on BrainPOP rather than just teaching it myself. The student's interest is peaked and lays a foundation for me to build upon. “

Laura Wilde, PhD
California Virtual Academies
Los Angeles, CA

As a teacher, I love the way BrainPOP has built-in activities and quizzes that align with the movies. These extras provide a great springboard to conversations and activities that really help my students engage in higher-order thinking even after the movies are done. And the quizzes are such a convenient way to check for understanding with immediate feedback.”

Evie Unrein
2nd Grade
Wheatland Elementary
Andover, KS