Thanks to our amazing partners and everyone who came by the Playground at SXSWedu! Highlights of our festival schedule appear below; see you next year in Austin!

Throughout the festival, we'll be on hand at two "Display" areas to greet and chat with all of you.

Display 1: Come Play
Join us along with classroom practitioners and some of our GameUp partners as we play educational games by top developers like Filament Games, Tynker, E-Line Media, TeacherGaming, Intific, FableVision, Sesame Workshop, Classroom, Inc., Common Sense Media, NCTM, MIT Education Arcade, Learning Games Network, iCivics, Mangahigh, Museum of Science+Industry Chicago,®, Thirteen, University of Washington, and many more.

Display 2: Games and Assessment
Join the conversation about the role of games in assessment. Connect with researchers from Project Tomorrow, the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop, and Classroom, Inc. Plus, go behind the scenes with BrainPOP.

These 30-minute sessions include a Q&A.

#GBL: New Evidence and New Demand, or Mostly Hype?
Tuesday, March 4 ▪ 9-9:30 am ▪ Convention Center Ballroom EF
This talk will analyze research and industry initiatives intended to drive engaging instruction and authentic assessment through games-based learning. It will feature findings from a national survey of teachers who use games, video vignettes of model programs, and policy recommendations for new investments to reach national education reform goals. The talk will showcase, a new site featuring cutting-edge research and dynamic features for teachers, game developers and investors. With Michael Levine (Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop / @mlevine_jgcc)

Games, Critical Thinking and Assessment
Wednesday, March 5 ▪ 12-12:30 pm ▪ Convention Center Ballroom EF
Learning games with embedded assessments can engage students by prompting problem-solving and critical thinking while transforming the way a teacher instructs students. Real-time assessment in games can help teachers understand the decision-making process, identify acquired skills, and spot problem areas. Join us to hear the perspectives of both a game developer and a classroom teacher as we explore these topics through The Sports Network-2, developed by Classroom, Inc. and available on GameUp. With Celia Alicata (Classroom, Inc. / @classroominc) and David Conover (Pflugerville ISD)

By the Numbers: New Research on Games and Learning
Thursday, March 6 ▪ 9-9:30 am ▪ Convention Center Ballroom EF
Today’s K-12 students see games as a gateway to more personalized learning and the opportunity to develop workplace-ready skills. Educators are equally intrigued with the potential of games to increase students’ engagement. We'll share the latest Speak Up research data from students, parents and teachers on the benefits/challenges of incorporating games within instruction, and pose provocative questions on the future of games in education. With Ann McMullan (Project Tomorrow / @ProjectTomorrow)

Roll up your sleeves for these participatory instructional programs on a range of topics.

Shape the Future of Games for Learning
Monday, March 3 ▪ 3:30-4 pm ▪ Convention Center Ballroom EF
Get an insider's look at the process of developing top quality educational games, from selecting appropriate learning objectives to designing engaging game play to testing the games' pedagogical effectiveness. This workshop will include ample opportunities to ask questions and to give input on what kind of games you want for your classroom! With Ellen Jameson (Filament Games / @FilamentGames) and Gary Goldberger (FableVision / @FableGary)

Beyond the Gameboard: Digital Gaming and the K-3 Classroom
Tuesday, March 4 ▪ 9:30-10 am ▪ Convention Center Ballroom EF
As a youngster, were you addicted to Pac Man? Did you spend hours playing Chutes and Ladders? Did you wait anxiously for the newest game on Gameboy? Gaming has been prevalent for years, but its use in the classroom has shifted significantly. In this session, participants will learn strategies for leveraging the power of games for nurturing academic success, fostering collaboration and increasing motivation for learning. Examples will include BrainPOP Jr. GameUp and a host of other resources. With Andrea Keller (Irving ISD / @akbusybee)

Students as Producers: Game Design and Coding for Kids
Wednesday, March 5 ▪ 11-11:30 am ▪ Convention Center Ballroom EF
Kids love to create, and they can make some incredible things using digital content creation tools. In this hands-on session, we'll explore two game-based tools designed specifically for classroom use that help students learn the principles of digital design, engineering, programming and critical thinking while making amazing stuff. Participants can try their hand at game design with Gamestar Mechanic or learn the fundamentals of coding with Tynker. No prior experience required. BYOD! With Brian Alspach (E-Line Media / @ThusSprachSpach) and Kevin Elgan (Tynker / @gotynker)

Beyond the Playground: Official SXSWedu Sessions
Your votes helped us land a spot on the line-up!

Listen Up! Speak Up! GameUp!
Monday, March 3 ▪ 1:30-2:30 pm ▪ Hilton Austin Downtown Salon K
Education, game development, and research experts come together for a discussion of the ways games ignite the hunger for learning. You'll hear the perspectives of parents, teachers, and students as well as ideas for leveraging their diverse knowledge and views. Delve into the disconnect between research and practice, with national data from the Gates Foundation, Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop, and Project Tomorrow's Speak Up Survey results. With Allisyn Levy (BrainPOP / @allisyn), Jessica Millstone (Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop / @j_millstone), Julie Evans (Project Tomorrow / @JulieEvans_PT), and Robert Torres (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation / @gatesfoundation)

Bridging the Teacher-Entrepreneur Divide
Monday, March 3 ▪ 3-4 pm ▪ Hilton Austin Downtown Salon F
Both educators and technologists know working together is important but often run into a cultural divide when collaborating to build good tools. In this session, we will facilitate participants in creating an online resource that both technologists and teachers can use to learn more about each other. Participants will work in groups to identify defining features, misconceptions, and points of friction in the cultures of teachers or entrepreneurs. With Katya Hott (BrainPOP / @katyamuses) and Steven Isaacs (Bernards BOE, NJ / @mr_isaacs)

Game-based learning in the park!

Tuesday, March 4 ▪ 12-6 pm ▪ Brush Square Park
Our friend David Conover (Pflugerville ISD) and his students show off some of the games they've been playtesting and analyzing - including GameUp titles like "Guts and Bolts."

Stop by and connect!

"Lightning Round"
Wednesday, March 5 ▪ 10:30-11 am ▪ Hilton Austin Downtown Room 602
Andrew Gardner, BrainPOP Educators' Director (@agardnahh), leads a short demo of our mobile apps followed by a Q&A.

Demo Area
Wednesday, March 5 ▪ 1-4 pm ▪ Hilton Austin Downtown Room 602
Come chat with Andrew Gardner (@agardnahh) about our apps, and share your feedback.

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