See you next at VSTE 2013!

Highlights of our time in Virginia Beach appear below.

Don't Miss the VSTE Digital Sandbox, a special showcase we're sponsoring! It features presentations and demos, app smackdowns, a bloggers' cafe, and much more! Stop by the Sandbox - located in the Hotel Roanoke's lower lounge, near the Cyber Cafe - for one of these game-based learning sessions with BrainPOP Educator Matthew Newton, a special education teacher at Roanoke's Fishburn Elementary.

What's New on GameUp?
Monday, 9:45-10:15 am
Come play the newest additions to GameUp, our free online games portal. Explore science, math, social studies, and health titles from JASON Project,, MIT Education Arcade, Center for Game Science, and other partners.

Influence the Future of Game Design
Monday, 1:45-2:15 pm
Get an insider's look at the process of developing top quality educational games, from selecting appropriate learning objectives to designing engaging game play to testing the games' pedagogical effectiveness. You'll also learn about opportunities for teachers and students to join BrainPOP and GameUp partners as remote play testers and classroom testers. This is a great chance to ask questions and to give input on what kind of games you want for your classroom!

Differentiating STEM Topics With Digital Games
Tuesday, 10-10:30 am
Explore how educators can use digital games to tackle the challenge of differentiating instruction to meet the diverse needs of all students. We'll feature cross-curricular titles from BrainPOP’s GameUp, showing you the ways they engage and motivate students. We hope you'll share some of your favorite digital games and strategies that work for you!

Getting Scientific With BrainPOP's GameUp
Tuesday, 12-12:30 pm
Join us for an exploration of GameUp games in science class. Learn how playing well-designed educational games is not only fun, but can help students build mental models of complex systems.

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