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Juggling for Diabetes

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Juggling for Diabetes
by Andrew, Technologist


OBJECTIVES Students will:

  1. Identify the elements a diabetic needs to balance for healthy living.
  2. Create an artistic expression of the "juggling act" a person with type 2 diabetes has to perform for healthy living.
  3. Identify the causes and effects of living with diabetes.


  • Video and overhead projector
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Computers to play The Diabetic Dog Game (either individually or in small groups)

Teacher may choose to create "game play" groups for students. This will make a smoother transition from viewing to playing the game. Also, depending on the time allocated to this lesson, teachers may want to copy the downloadable resource (below) of Moby juggling. Otherwise students can create artwork from scratch.


  1. View BrainPOP's Diabetes video.
  2. Affirm understandings and explain the goal of the lesson. "Today we are going to play a game to further understand the juggling act that people with diabetes need to perform to take care of themselves. Then we will make artwork representing that juggling act."
  3. Students play The Diabetic Dog Game. After play, the teacher leads a conversation beginning with the question, "what were some things you needed to do when you were taking care of the diabetic dog?"
  4. Teacher may want to provide time for students to continue researching diabetes using BrainPOP's Diabetes FYI.
  5. Students create artwork of a juggler. Each ball in the air will have one of the things a diabetic person juggles to maintain a healthy lifestyle written and/or illustrated inside of it. (Teachers can choose to use the downloadable resource below or allow students to draw original artwork).

diabetes, insulin, glucose, blood, pancreas

Worksheet Moby Juggling.pdf

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