Point of View

First person, second person, third person - it’s all about point of view! In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby introduce you to point of view as it’s used in writing. Learn about four different points of view, including one that lets the narrator tell the story; one that is really common in letters, advertisements, and instruction manuals; and one that has trustworthy narrator. You’ll also find out about some of the problems with first person narration and about the difference between third person limited writing and third person omniscient writing. Plus, learn how to choose a point of view for your own writing and see why you should try not to switch points of view once you’ve chosen one. What’s your view?

Learn More:

What do first-, second-, and third-person mean?

Who is the narrator in an epistolary story or novel?

Can you tell me what pronouns to use for different points of view?