Blood Glucose Meter

Having diabetes isn’t so bad - as long as you’re careful about managing your blood glucose! In this BrainPOP movie on blood glucose meters, Tim and Moby rhyme their way through each of the steps that diabetics need to complete to effectively test their glucose levels. You’ll learn how diabetics use their blood glucose meters - by loading in test strips, taking a blood sample with a lancing device, and writing down their readings in a log book. If you’ve been waiting to hear Tim bust some funky rhymes - and want to learn about blood glucose meters in the process - then this is the BrainPOP movie for you!

Learn More:

How much blood is needed to get an accurate reading with a blood glucose meter?

I have a friend who has to test her blood because she has hypoglycemia. What’s that?

When the doctor pricks your finger for blood, is he or she testing for diabetes?