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A Guide to BrainPOP Activity Pages
BrainPOP’s new typeable and printable Activity Pages help extend understanding and reinforce concepts. Now you can get even more out of BrainPOP!

To see a live sample, click here.
Activity Pages encourage students to synthesize and connect their ideas about a topic. The BrainPOP team is currently developing new activities, and eventually each topic will have multiple Activity Pages to support it. If your favorite topic doesn’t have activities yet, it will soon!

Activities utilize various skills including comparing/ contrasting, sequencing, categorizing, and writing responses to open-ended questions. Educators may access the Teacher's Edition Activity Pages by join.
All of BrainPOP’s Activity Pages are printable. Print out a Vocabulary Page to improve content area literacy while watching and pausing the accompanying BrainPOP movie. Vocabulary Pages can even be sent home for homework!

Ideas are messy. BrainPOP will help organize them! Use the Graphic Organizers before, during, or after a movie to help solidify ideas or foster a class discussion. Students can even type right into the page and print out a quick informal assessment.
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