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You’ve reached our Tech Support FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. For account-related questions, please visit our Subscription FAQ page. If you’re having technical issues with BrainPOP and the answer you need isn’t here, contact us here..
[+] Why can't I view the movies?

If you're experiencing difficulty viewing BrainPOP, there are two things that may help:
  • If the movies are not loading at all, you will want to clear your browser's cache, then close your browser, reopen it, and try to view the movie again.
  • If the movies are loading but not playing correctly, make sure you have the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player. If your Flash player is up to date, check and see what browser you are using. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, we recommend that you use the default browser for your operating system instead (Internet Explorer for Windows, and Safari for Apple).

[+] How do I set up my computers to use BrainPOP?

Click here to download a handy Setup Guide!

Also: Here is a list of Tips for Using BrainPOP!

[+] I already purchased a subscription to BrainPOP. Why am I still prompted to subscribe before I watch a movie?

To access your subscription, you must be logged in to you account - even if you're already logged in on another computer. You can find the log-in button in the upper left corner of the home page, and then enter your username and password. If you don't know or can't remember that information, our Password Reminder feature can help.

[+] I'm already logged in to my account. Why am I still prompted to subscribe?

BrainPOP uses cookies to determine whether or not you are still logged in, and if so, what type of access is associated with your account. Adjust your browser settings so that cookies are turned ON, and make sure your browser accepts cookies.

To Turn Cookies On:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later
1. Go to Tools on top of browser
2. Choose Internet Options
3. Go to Privacy tab and click on "Default"
4. Press OK
5. Return to
Mac OS X with Safari
1. Go to Safari in Menu Bar
2. Choose Preferences
3. Click on Security on top of window and choose either:
* Accept Cookies Always or
* Accept Cookies only from sites you navigate to
4. Close the Window
5. Return to
Mozilla Firefox
1. Go to Tools
2. Choose Options
3. Go to the Privacy tab and check the box next to "Accept cookies from sites"
4. Press OK
5. Return to

[+] Can I login automatically?

Enter your username and password here:

Copy this URL into your BrainPOP bookmark to login automatically every time you visit!

[+] Why do I get a message saying I've exceeded my limit of simultaneous users?

Most often, an error message about log-in limits is caused by one of two things:
  1. Someone using your account didn’t log out before closing his or her browser window. If this is the case, you’ll be able to ignore the error message and log in despite the warning. The best way to prevent this from happening is to remind all users to log out when they’re done with their BrainPOP session.
  2. There are more people trying to log in to your account than are allowed. Check the number of simultaneous log-ins associated with your account.

[+] Why am I being told that I've reach the limit of movies I can view?

If you’re a BrainPOP user without an account, you may watch three of our free movies each day, whether you view an entire movie or just some of it, and whether you view one movie three times or three different movies. For more access to BrainPOP, visit our online Store or sign up for a Free Trial.

[+] What kind of browser works best with BrainPOP?

Mac Users
We recommend you use the most updated version of Safari, which comes standard with Mac OS X. Access "Software Update" from your Apple menu to ensure you’re using the most recent version.

If you have Mac OS 9, be sure you’re using your computer’s most recent version of Internet Explorer. Microsoft no longer offers downloadable updates.
Mac users may also run BrainPOP with the Firefox browser, available here.

PC Users
We recommend you use the most updated version of Internet Explorer, which comes standard with Windows. Access "Windows Update" from the Tools menu to ensure you’re using the most recent version.

While most of BrainPOP’s content will load correctly with Firefox for Windows, you may experience some unpredictable glitches with our Flash animation. We work to fix these issues as they come to our attention, but we do not recommend Firefox for Windows users.

A Note on Browsers
If you use one of the many other browsers available - Opera, Camino, or Chrome, for instance - and encounter specific problems using BrainPOP, please let us know so that we can attempt to fix the issues. Regardless of your browser, you will need to download the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player.

[+] Can I use Mac OS 9 or Windows 95 with BrainPOP?

Adobe, which develops the Flash animation we use, has stopped upgrading the application for these older operating systems. We do our best to ensure that all our content is compatible with these systems, but ask that you run the most recent version of Flash available on your computer. More information on this topic can be found here.

[+] How do I clear my cache?

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
  1. Go to Tools on the menu bar
  2. Choose Delete Browsing History
  3. Under Temporary Internet Files, click Delete Files
  4. Press Yes and when process is complete, Close
  5. Close the browser, reopen it, and return to
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
  1. Go to Safety on the menu bar
  2. Choose Delete Browsing History
  3. Check the box next to Temporary Internet Files
  4. Press Delete, the dialog box will close when the process is completed
  5. Close the browser, reopen it, and return to
Mozilla Firefox
  1. Go to Tools on the menu bar
  2. Choose Clear Recent History
  3. Uncheck all of the options except for Cache
  4. Choose Everything from the pull-down menu
  5. Press OK
  6. Close the browser, reopen it, and return to
Google Chrome
  1. Go to Tools on the menu bar
  2. Choose Options
  3. Go to the Under The Hood tab
  4. Under the Privacy section, choose Clear Browsing Data
  5. Check the box next to Cache
  6. Choose Everything from the pull-down menu
  7. Press OK
  8. Close the browser, reopen it, and return to
  1. Go to the Safari menu in the upper-left corner
  2. Choose Empty Cache
  3. Click Empty
  4. Close the browser, reopen it, and return to

[+] I have the Flash player installed and have cleared the cache, but still can’t watch the movies.

If you continue to experience problems after updating the plug-in and emptying your cache, we recommend that you re-install Flash, making sure to follow these simple steps before doing so.
1. Go to Adobe Flash Support and download the appropriate uninstaller for your operating system. When this is finished downloading, run the uninstaller and let it complete the process.

2. Visit the Adobe Flash Player page and download the most recent version.

If you are using a Macintosh (OS 9 or below)and are still having problems, we suggest allocating more RAM to your browser. To do this:
  • Quit the browser
  • Select the application's icon in the Finder.
  • Select GET INFO from the File Menu
  • In the Memory section of the window that appears, increase the Preferred Size to at least 25,000 KB. Go even higher if your computers have enough RAM. (You can see how much free RAM is available by selecting About This Computer from the Apple Menu while the Finder is in use.)
  • Re-launch the web browser application.

[+] Why do I see a QuickTime icon with a white question mark over it?

Occasionally, QuickTime may try to incorrectly associate itself with Flash files. When this happens, you can try the following.
  1. Close your web browser completely (File > Exit)
  2. Open the QuickTime application
  3. From the menus, select: Edit > Preferences > QuickTime Preferences
  4. Select Browser Plug-in from the drop-down list
  5. Click on the button marked MIME Settings
  6. 6. Expand the Miscellaneous file format section by clicking on the plus sign in the upper left corner
  7. Uncheck the Flash file checkbox
  8. Click Apply and then OK
  9. Close QuickTime
  10. Open your web browser and see if the fix worked. BrainPOP's homepage contains multiple Flash files and is a good place to check.

If you're still having trouble, contact us.

[+] Why can't I see the quiz questions?

This happens from time to time with slower internet connections. Try clicking the Refresh button, which often solves the problem.

[+] Why won't the quiz email me my results?

The BrainPOP Quiz feature should let you print, view, or email results to a teacher or parent. Before emailing, make sure that any and all pop-up blockers on your computer are temporarily disabled. If you have disabled your pop-up blockers and are still not able to email results, make sure the email address in question is correct.

[+] Why can't I print the quiz results?

The quiz results should easily print from most computers. We have heard complaints that in some cases, it’s NOT possible to print quiz results, and we're working on resolving that problem. In the meantime, we suggest emailing the results to another computer and printing them from there. And of course, make sure your printer is turned on and connected.

[+]Are there answer keys for the Activity Pages?

The answer keys for our Activity Pages can be found in the Activity Pages - Teacher's Edition section of BrainPOP Educators. You will need to sign up as a teacher, if you haven't already.

[+] Why can't I see the movie titles?

You may have trouble viewing the names of the movies on the category topic list page if your connection is slow. Usually, clearing your browser’s cache and refreshing the page will fix the problem. You can also try restarting your web browser. The problem is more common with Firefox for Windows, so we suggest using Internet Explorer instead.

[+] Why does Tim speak so fast in some of the movies?

The pace of Tim’s voice in some of the older movies dates back to the time when dial-up internet connections were the norm. With the slower dial-up connection, short movies were much easier for our users to access. To convey all the information we needed to, but in a short period of time, Tim had to speak more rapidly. In our newer movies, he speaks at a much slower pace.

[+] Why does the movie play so slowly?

The speed at which our movies play depends largely on the speed of the computer on which they’re being viewed. For most people, the difference in speed is barely noticeable, but older computers do run more slowly.

[+] Why do I only see colored boxes and an empty grid with red “X” marks where there should be images?

Ask your network administrator to enable access to our streaming URL ( as well as our standard URL,

[+] Why can't I hear the movies?

  1. Is the volume turned up on your computer? Check your control panels.
  2. If there are speakers connected to your computer, are they powered on? Is their volume turned up?
  3. Has someone left a pair of headphones plugged into the computer? If so, unplug them.
  4. Are you using Mozilla Firefox? At the moment, there is a current incompatibility between Firefox and Flash which often occurs as a lack of sound. Try using Internet Explorer.
  5. Can you hear when running other applications? If you can't, and you've tried the above steps, then the problem may have something to do with your computer’s sound card or operating system.

[+] Why is there strange background noise in some of the movies?

Some of our older movies do contain unintended background noise. We are aware of the problem and are in the process of finding and re-recording all affected movies. In the meantime, consider watching the movie with our closed captioning feature enabled.

[+] How can I block a movie?

To restrict access to a movie, you will need its specific URL. You can find that in the address bar at the top of the movie’s home page. To block a whole section of movies, pull its URL from the address bar when viewing the main page of the section in question. Once you have the URL, you’ll need to add it to the list of blocked content in your firewall. If you’re blocking content at school, your network administrator should be able to assist you.

[+] What if I notice an error in a movie?

We’re always working to keep our movies as up-to-date as possible, but every now and then, mistakes crop up. If you notice an error anywhere on the site, please use the Contact Us link below and let us know.

[+] How do I link to BrainPOP through my Promethean Flipcharts?

The best way to learn more about BrainPOP and Promethean flipcharts is to visit Promethean Planet

[+] Contact Us

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