Slope and Intercept

Shouldn’t you find how steep that hill is before you skate down it? In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby will show you how to find the slope, or steepness, of a line! First, you’ll learn how to find a line’s slope by comparing how much it changes along each axis. You’ll discover how to calculate the changes in rise and run, and how to use those numbers to define a line’s slope. You’ll also find out how the intercept on the x- or y-axis can be plugged into the slope-intercept equation. Using that formula, you’ll be able to find the values of x or y at any point on the line. And you might think twice about taking on that half-pipe!

Learn More:

What is a direct and inverse variation in a slope?

Why is the y value of the x-intercept zero and the x value of the y-intercept zero?

How do you find ‘b’ in slope intercept form is you don’t know what it is?