9 out of 10 teachers agree: BrainPOP is the best animated educational tool around! Okay, we made that number up, but at least you can learn all about statistics in this BrainPOP movie! Tim and Moby will show you how statistical studies can take large, complex bodies of information and turn them into easily digestible numbers. You’ll learn how statisticians choose sample sets from the larger population they’re studying, and subject them to the rigors of the scientific method. You’ll also see how they analyze the data created by their studies and interpret them as numbers, percentages, and graphs--not to mention “quantity words” like average, mean, and median! And you’ll get an understanding of how they take those stats and make predictions with them! Finally, Tim will show you some of the ways that stats can be misleading, and how you can be a smarter stat consumer. So pull up a seat and watch this movie; odds are, you’ll learn something!

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