My BrainPOP simplifies teachers' and students' ability to keep track of learning. If you have a school-wide subscription to BrainPOP, then you have access to My BrainPOP and its suite of features.

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are you a student?

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Students using My BrainPOP can see a history of the movies they've watched, quizzes they've taken, and activities they've completed. They can review feedback on their work from teachers, too.


This tool allows students to create concept maps and connect and develop ideas as they explore BrainPOP. Students can include a written explanation of their thought process and submit their maps to a teacher for feedback.


With SnapThought, which is available on select GameUp titles, students can capture and reflect on key moments in game play. They can describe their thinking, make predictions, and draw conclusions. These reflections can be submitted to a teacher for feedback.