Queen Elizabeth II

There have been huge changes in politics, technology, and society since Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1952. Nevertheless, she’s maintained a steadfast presence as the Head of State of Great Britain and the Commonwealth of Nations. In this movie, Tim and Moby will tell you all about her life and the challenges she’s faced during her seven decades as Britain's reigning monarch. You’ll find out what a constitutional monarchy is, and how the Queen leads an organization comprised of dozens of former British colonies. You’ll also learn about the Queen’s experiences with various crises, from her teenage years during World War II, to the explosion of tabloid scandals that rocked the Royal Family during the 1980s and 90s. You’ll discover her accomplishments -- how she’s encouraged patriotism, charity, and international through travel and acts of goodwill during her reign. Finally, you’ll learn her life story, from the love of animals she developed as a young girl, to her marriage to Prince Philip, to her current status as a grandmother of eight! So by all means, finish your tea and crumpets--but as soon as you’re done, click on this movie and learn!

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