World War I

It was the war to end all wars. Or was it? In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby introduce you to World War I. You’ll learn why it was called the Great War, and why there wasn’t very much “great” about it other than its size. You’ll learn about some new military technology used during this war and how it caused such incredible devastation. You’ll also find out what an alliance is and why they played such a large role in the war. Discover why the United States didn’t want to enter the war and what two events finally propelled the nation to join. Finally, you’ll discover how the end of WWI may have inadvertently caused WWII. No one likes losing!

Learn More:

What started World War I?

What country lost the most lives in World War I?

If World War I was to end all wars, why are we still fighting wars?