World War II

War is everyone’s problem. In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby will teach you about how almost the whole world got involved in World War II. You’ll find out who fought in WWII and on what sides each country was on. You’ll learn which countries were part of the Axis Powers and which countries fought as the Allies. Discover who the major aggressor of the war was, who the Nazis were, and how the war began. You’ll also learn about the role the United States played before it entered the war, as well as when and why the U.S. finally did enter. Finally, you’ll see who won the war, and how and when it ended. Let’s try to keep nuclear weapons out of it next time, OK?

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Can you tell me about World War II?

If the United States hadn’t developed the atomic bombs, how would World War II have ended?

What was D-Day and what caused it?