Video Games

Do you spend hours in the computer room battling digital orcs and dragons? Do your thumbs ever get sore from mashing game controller buttons a little too intensely? If so, this BrainPOP movie on video games just might be for you. In it, Tim and Moby break down the process of how video games are created. They describe the powerful microprocessors that allow computers and game consoles to create realistic 3-D worlds, and explain how teams of techies write the software that make great games impossible to put down. You’ll discover how characters are created and animated; how the physics of swordfights, car crashes, and space explosions are encoded into games; and how geometric shapes called polygons are put together to create realistic objects and environments. So tear yourself away from that PlayBox and spend a few minutes learning about how your favorite games actually work!

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Who invented video games?

Who makes video games?

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