STEM to the Rescue: An ISTE Pre-Conference Workshop

Join BrainPOP’s Kari Stubbs, PhD and Adina Popa (Steuart Weller Elementary School, VA) at their June 27th ISTE pre-conference workshop and discover how the development of a public service announcement can bolster interest in STEM subjects.

As an attendee, you’ll put your creativity and communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills to work as you develop a “PSA” to raise awareness about endangered habitats. Fractions, decimals, and algebra will come into play as well when you compose the PSA’s musical score. Then, experience the impact a PSA learning journey can have as we share classroom success stories from Loudon County, VA. Get great tips for integrating BrainPOP and a variety of tech applications from MovieMaker and Finale Notepad to Audacity, and Microsoft Paint. You’ll leave with ready-to-implement ideas and templates that will make all the difference for your students.

All attendees take home a 12-month BrainPOP subscription for the teacher of their choice, plus, we’ll raffle off an iPad at the end of the session.

Registration is required; if you haven’t already done so, please sign up today!

Registrants, post a comment here on the blog to tell us a little bit about you and your interest in STEM! Following the workshop, we’ll encourage you to share your take-aways here on the blog, too.

Unable to attend? You can still bring STEM to life in your classroom with the skills and strategies Kari and Adina will cover in this session. Simply access the BrainPOP Educators Lesson Plan STEM To the Rescue: Increasing Student Motivation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Through Project-Based Learning.

  • Diane Mackenzie

    Hi everyone – I am a science teacher at Clairvaux MacKillop College in Brisbane Australia. I am looking for new ways to use ICT in the classroom particularly in Junior Science. At my school I have introduced some units of work using Google Earth, and Photostory to investigate Plate Tectonics and using various sensors in association with GPS and LoggerPro software to investigate Climate change. Mys students have been motivated and excited to use this – I am looking to make some of these projects more open ended. I am also interested in how this STEM workshop might be used to investigate endangered habitats – I only have 24 hours before I leave for Denver but will see what I can bring about the Great Barrier Reef and possibly some some australian native animals in case anyone is interested

  • Allisyn Levy

    So glad you’ll be able to join us at ISTE! Sounds like a really cool idea for a project. I can definitely see how it could apply to endangered habitats. Make sure you stop by the BrainPOP booth for some goodies for your students (and you!). Looking forward to meeting you!