Using free BrainPOP clip art

BrainPOP clip art

Did you know that BrainPOP offers free clip art? BrainPOP Educator Bobby Lewis of Feagin Mill Middle School in Warner Robins, Georgia, shares how he and his students make use of these resources. He writes:

“I use BrainPOP clip art to help reinforce concepts from the movies we watch. My students can copy and paste it into their documents or print it out to add to their work. The clip art is used to reference a topic we watched on BrainPOP or a game they played on GameUp. Some students print off the clip art to add it to their notebooks, while others make videos using the clip art. We use the clip art in conjunction with Prezi a lot: students to share what they know about different concepts we learned and complete fun projects at home. Here is a Prezi a student made about BrainPOP using the clip art and screenshots.”

Thanks, Bobby, for sharing that with us! How do YOUR students use BrainPOP’s free clip art?