Types of Sentences

What types of sentence is this? You’ll find out in this BrainPOP movie, where Tim and Moby will introduce you to the four sentence types in the English language! You’ll learn which type of sentences makes a statement, which asks a question, which expresses a command, and which conveys strong emotion. Plus, you’ll find out what type of punctuation ends each sentence type and how changing the punctuation mark can alter the tone of the sentence. Improve your reading and writing as you learn how types of sentence vary depending on what the writer is trying to express. Choose your sentences with care!

1.1.3 Be (Questions) Lesson Plan

In this lesson for the animated ESL / ELL movie "Who is a Magician?", K-8 students construct questions using the present affirmative of the verb to be. This lesson plan is aligned to Common Core State Standards.  See more »