Classroom Ideas for BrainPOP Jr.



BrainPOP Jr. is a great way to introduce a new topic or concept and get kids engaged. To get students in the habit of active viewing, remember to pause the movies and engage kids when a new vocabulary word is introduced, paraphrase what just happened, or make a prediction.




Allow the students occasionally to take the quiz before watching the movie. This will call attention to main ideas and important details that are covered.




Stop the movie after each question is asked by Annie and have students share what they already know about the topic, what they think the answer to Annie’s question might be, and their thoughts on the topic.




Bookmark links of BrainPOP Jr. movies for students to watch and explore independently when they finish their assignments. Looking at our Topics Page will help you find related movies.




In addition to integrating BrainPOP Jr. into lesson plans, remember that it only takes a few minutes to show a BrainPOP Jr. movie and take advantage of those in-between times by transforming them into teachable moments. It is also a great way to introduce a new topic or cover a current event.




With BrainPOP Jr., movies are just the beginning. Try a few of the related activities or explore GameUp on BrainPOP Jr., the Belly Up comic, or our “Word Wall” feature. Bring learning to life.




Take those BrainPOP Jr. quiz questions and answer them in the style of your favorite game show to increase energy and enthusiasm! “Contestants” can press a buzzer or ring a bell as they race to share answers.




Need to research a topic? Check out our Topics Page to look at related subjects which will expand your knowledge. Whether you’re looking for a starting point or a more in depth investigation, use BrainPOP Jr. with your students to search for safe and reliable information.




Teach your students the letters for A, B, C and D in American Sign Language and have them raise their hands with the sign for the answer they choose during the quizzes. One student can easily tally votes to identify the most popular choice.




Limited technology in your classroom? Make BrainPOP Jr. work for all of your students! Choose a movie each week that you’d like each student to watch and introduce it on a Monday. Set up a computer rotation schedule so that each student has a chance throughout the week to complete the movie and related quiz or activities.




Purchase inexpensive headphone splitters to allow two partners to watch a BrainPOP Jr. movie together. Foster collaboration by encouraging them to discuss, draw, or write about what they learned together.




Have tablets or other mobile devices? Take advantage of our BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week App. Students can watch a movie and take the quiz anywhere in the classroom or school.

For a printable list of these tips, download the Ideas for BrainPOP Jr. In the Classroom (PDF) version!

  • jeniferwells

    My kids love Moby and the way he Beeps! They could predict what he is really saying and how they would answer him.

  • T. Moore

    My kids love to predict what Mody will do at the end of each segment. They discuss the ending and provide alternative endings!

  • Geralyn Durham

    To be able to get all teachers on board and using BrainPop to its full capability.

  • Ayleen Pearce

    Introduce the students to a short make a map on a specific content. Allow the students to work with you to complete the make a map and add more details after they watch the video.

  • Jean Capuano

    Have students make a map of what they know about a topic before watching the video. Have them come up with what they found out from the movie and add it to the map in a different color. Any further questions that still remain can be entered in another color and the answers can be researched on the internet. Questions bring up more questions, making this “The Ever-Expanding Mind Map of________” (Insert topic name or student name if individual project, in the space provided.)

  • Susan F. Reeves

    Combine the Rotation Station and the Pair Share activity. Have the partners write in their journal or create a graphic organizer together. Have each partner contribute in a different color pencil. Encourage students to restate what the other partner is contributing to the discussion to ensure they are really listening to each other. My partner said…

  • Leslie Pearlman

    Form teams for the movies; Assign each team 1 question from the quiz, have that group watch and listen for the answer, then submit by teams.

  • Jennifer Velt

    Students often ask me questions. Sometimes I do not know the answer. We can research the question together, but searching the topic in the search bar. Depending on what items are found, we can watch the movie, play the game or if needed print a concept map, so that we can find even more information on the topic.

  • Elizabeth Dunlap Henry

    I use Plickers to formatively assess the BrainPOP quizzes. I copy the questions from BrainPOP and paste into Plickers. There is a Plickers card(like a QR code) on the back of each student’s computer. I use my iPad to scan their responses. It is much faster and more thorough than any other assessment tool. It would be nice if they were integrated.