Connect with BrainPOP Educators around the NECC Conference!

April 24, 2009

Something very exciting is happening this summer! BrainPOP is turning 10, and we are hosting our big birthday celebration at the NECC conference in Washington, D.C. June 28 - July 1st. Join our grou...

Do You Speak Shakespeak?

April 23, 2009

Categories: BrainPOP
To speak or not to speak? That is the question! According to most historians, this Thursday marks the 445th anniversary of the birth of William Shakespeare. And to celebrate the birthday of the most...

Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2009

Looking for a great way to participate in Earth Day with your students? Everything you need is here, in our Earth Awareness Spotlight. Whether you teach science or P.E., Math or Spanish, and have fi...

Breakdown of A Check with Tim & Moby

April 16, 2009

Categories: BrainPOP Spotlights
Count on Tim & Moby to help students understand the basics of personal checks and banking. Use BrainPOP's FYI to breakdown the components of a personal check, and explore our additional tidbits ...

New Lesson Plan – Banking

April 13, 2009

Categories: BrainPOP
Help students understand the basics of banking with our brand new lesson plan: We're Banking On It! Geared towards 6th grade and up, but easily modifiable for younger students, enhance our BrainPOP ...

Introduction to BrainPOP: A Newcomer’s Guide

April 10, 2009

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Due to the overwhelming response we received, the April 22nd webinar is now full.  However, we're pleased to announce a second time-slot: Wednesday, April 29th at 2 p.m. EDT. We hope you can joi...

BrainPOP Film Festival!

April 3, 2009

Celebrate Earth Awareness Month with a BrainPOP Film Festival at your school! Kids of all ages can enjoy our Earth Awareness Spotlight by featuring each of the movies in a film festival, with fun, i...

New Spotlight in April – Financial Literacy

April 1, 2009

Help students build financial literacy skills and come to a better understanding of what they're hearing about in the news with our Spotlight: Financial Literacy -- it's free throughout April, which...

BrainPOP Flipchart for Test Prep

March 26, 2009

Categories: BrainPOP BrainPOP Jr.
Sean D'Abbraccio just posted a helpful flipchart on Promethean Planet. He uses the BrainPOP characters from the BrainPOP Resource Pack to help review test prep strategies. Description: This flipc...

San Diego Science

March 20, 2009

Categories: BrainPOP
BrainPOP is supporting the San Diego Science Festival 2009 with some fantastic online resources on KidZone, a fun resource for budding scientists!  Explore educational animated movies, experiments,...