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Tim, Annie and Moby are mobile learning ready! The BrainPOP Featured Movie apps are available for iOS, Android, Windows 8, Kindle and Google Chrome users. The iOS version of the app is also available in SpanishBritish English and French, and has been downloaded millions of times and reviewed by tens of thousands! Optimized for iOS 7 the app has been featured by Apple and recommended by the New York Times, Verizon and Kindle FreeTime Unlimited. The BrainPOP Jr. featured movie app is available on iOS too!

Though BrainPOP is pleased to have an app on all major mobility platforms, we continue to think deeply about how we best fit into the new mobile ecosystem. One thing is for sure, at BrainPOP Educators we will support you by providing access to lesson planswebinarsresources and FAQs that help you take BrainPOP on the road most effectively!

How are YOU using the Featured Movie app?  What do you think of the most recent changes? How could it improve? Share your great ideas, support our professional learning community, and get published on BrainPOP Educators. Get in touch!

Put It To Use: Ideas & Best Practices for our Mobile App!

  • Up to the Minute: Use the Featured Movie to explain and discuss events in the news, from natural disasters like the Japanese tsunami to momentous happenings like the World Cup kick-off.
  • Log in and learn! Already have a BrainPOP subscription? Sign in with your credentials for access to the entire BrainPOP movie library.
  • Daily Dose: Incorporate the Featured Movie into your daily classroom routines like a morning meeting.
  • Know It?: Use the Featured Movie quiz to see what students already know about a given topic.
  • Apps: Integrate the BrainPOP Featured Movie app with other great apps to make postcards for Moby, create BrainPOP comics, and give Tim’s shirt an extreme make-over based on the day’s topic.
  • Share & Collaborate: Tell us how YOU use the Featured Movie. Share your great ideas, support our professional learning community, and get published on BrainPOP Educators. Get in touch

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  1. allisyn said:

    Awesome review on the BrainPOP app (and some other cool ones too!) from Teachers With Apps!

  2. karistubbs said:

    I was recently in Shanghai, and had a wonderful conversation with the Director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. He was thrilled to show me the BrainPOP app on his iPad, and shared that he uses it as a “daily dose” of English practice. :-) It’s in small bites, it’s fun, and it’s educational.

  3. andrewg said:

    Wow, the app update has arrived! Now use your BrainPOP subscription for access to all the movies and quizzes on your iOS device.