The Globeys: Globaloria’s Game Design Awards

August 13, 2012

Categories: Contests GameUP Gaming STEM
Globaloria, established by the World Wide Workshop, is a program that teaches students how to create web-based educational games and interactive simulations.  Each year, the program hosts the Globeys...

Educational Games Resources

July 17, 2012

Categories: GameUP Gaming
As teachers we know the summer provides time to consider new ideas for the upcoming year.  BrainPOP Educator Jen Wagner has put together a list of educational game organizations that can help guide y...

Webinar Alert: Inspiring Through Game Design with Globaloria

January 11, 2012

Join us for Wednesday's webinar at 4:30PM ET. At BrainPOP we’re committed to providing high quality games not only through GameUp but by supporting game design projects in multiple education sett...

Student-Made Games

June 15, 2011

Your students can't get enough? Not the worst problem to have! Check out these games created by other students, and invite your students to create their own. Gamestar Mechanic offers an outstandin...