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Activities kids will love during Spring Break

When school’s out and the kids are home… take advantage of all that time! Try these easy and fun activities straight from our team of learning experts to build skills for learning success in all subjects.

A simple, proven approach to make learning stick

BrainPOP helps kids achieve their goals and tackle their biggest learning challenges confidently. Our secret is in how we put kids’ interests, humor, and creativity first. 

Build core knowledge

BrainPOP movies make even the most complex topics interesting, relatable, and easy to understand.

Check for understanding

Use quizzes or challenges to reinforce what kids are learning and keep their progress on track.

Deepen their learning

Play games made by learning experts that build higher-order thinking skills, or try creativity tools in BrainPOP Homeschool like movie making and coding. 

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  • Subscription options for grades K-3, 3-8, or across both

  • 1,200+ educational movies, quizzes, and learning games

  • Parent timeline to track learning progress

  • Up to 2 child profiles
  • Subscription options for grades K-3, 3-8, or across both

  • 1,200+ standards-aligned topics + assessments for homeschool

  • Creative projects like coding and movie-making

  • Assignment-builder and teacher dashboard to track progress

  • Up to 4 learner profiles and a teacher profile

Celebrate Women's History Month at home!

Learn about influential figures like Mae Jemison, the first Black woman in space, with this free movie.

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"It’s our favorite use of 'screen time' for our kids.

They never turn down a chance to watch Moby.”

“My children think of these lessons as entertainment

and spend time together learning all about whatever interests them."

“BrainPOP gets an A+ from my family.

This is the only educational app that they look forward to each morning."


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