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BrainPOP Homeschool

Your homeschool goals, your learners’ way

No matter your learners’ needs, BrainPOP Homeschool is here to help. From movies that build background knowledge to learning activities that deepen and extend learning, BrainPOP Homeschool is built to support learners at any level, across any subject—and to get you one step closer to reaching your homeschooling goals.

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Plan complete homeschool lessons

Choose from 800+ topics across all key subject areas, each with a movie and a suite of creative projects and embedded assessments. After all, you’re in charge of your BrainPOP Homeschool journey—not us.

Each of BrainPOP Homeschool’s 800+ topics includes:

Animated movies that build knowledge

BrainPOP movies offer introductions to topics across the 3-8 curriculum that give kids the background knowledge and vocabulary they need to learn—with the humor and animations they love to stay engaged.

Learning activities that deepen understanding

Engaging quizzes that make learning stick

BrainPOP quizzes offer a low-stakes way to check your kids’ understanding—while helping them practice and apply their newfound background knowledge. Use them to set the stage for learning or to see just how much information they’re retaining. Bonus: you can keep an eye on their progress in our embedded Insight Report!

Create your own BrainPOP-style movies

With Make-a-Movie, homeschoolers build their own animated movies—using BrainPOP images, their own drawings, or their own voice—to develop higher order thinking skills, make sense of what they’ve learned, and spark their creativity.

Connect the dots with Make-a-Map

Concept mapping allows homeschoolers to create their own visual webs of knowledge by connecting BrainPOP images, words, and movie clips. It’ll help your kids see the big picture, exercise their critical thinking skills, and organize their thoughts.

Coding projects that connect to any lesson

With Creative Coding, kids can design games, solve puzzles, and more—all with easy-to-use coding tools that anyone can use (read: no prior experience necessary!). Develop homeschoolers’ computational thinking skills—while building on what they’re learning—with block-based or text-based projects.

Build powerful vocabulary

Vocabulary is essential for comprehension and confidence. That’s why each BrainPOP topic includes a vocabulary activity to give kids additional exposure to a new world of words—and practice applying them in context.

Dig deeper with Related Reading and Primary Source

Examine historical documents—with easy-to-read transcripts —and dive into high-interest articles that expand on BrainPOP topics. With Related Reading and Primary Source, homeschoolers practice key literacy skills, make connections across multiple sources, and build a richer understanding of the world.

Interactive worksheets and graphic organizers

BrainPOP offers worksheets and graphic organizers that connect to movie topics, giving kids even more ways to practice skills and show what they know. Choose your own modality (digital or print) and format (Venn diagrams, timelines, or more).

Challenge homeschoolers, build skills

BrainPOP Challenges give kids practice in answering questions—beyond multiple choice. From matching ideas and labeling diagrams to putting events in order, Challenges help your homeschoolers flex their critical thinking skills, and help you see which concepts need a little more teaching.

Today’s insights shape tomorrow’s lessons

BrainPOP’s Insights Reports allow you to track your child's real-time progress and  ensure that each lesson drives impact. Use it to power your future instruction, pinpoint areas of focus, track your learners’ engagement, or reinforce their knowledge. As always, you drive their learning journey.

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I originally purchased BrainPOP to offer my children an educational screen time option, but it has turned out to be so much more. The videos cover an amazing variety of topics and are well done at an appropriate comprehension level; it works well for multiple ages. There are also games, activities, and book recommendations (great for our weekly library trips!) to go along with all of the videos….I think Moby will be hanging out in our homeschool for a while.


Homeschool parent

My son used BrainPop Jr. at his old elementary school…and it was amazing how much he learned from the short, informative videos.  When we became homeschoolers, this program was at the top of my list for curriculum.  The information is delivered in a smart, concise, entertaining fashion and there are activities and quizzes that go along with each one.  It is shocking to me how much breadth and depth of information he is retaining by tuning into BrainPOP once or twice a day!


Homeschool parent of 1

My 8-year-old will explore BrainPOP on his own for hours, then enjoys telling me what he’s learned. I’ve begun using the videos as supplements to our planned curriculum, which has been an enormous help. Seeing and hearing the information seems to reinforce concepts for him.


Homeschool parent of 1

My girls are 8 and 12 and both love watching BrainPOP videos. I love all of the supplements such as quizzes, vocabulary, activities, and interesting facts. No matter what we are studying in science, history, health, etc. I can usually find BrainPOP videos on the topics. I love that they have packed a lot of information into ten minute, high-interest videos….


Homeschool parent of 2

This is my first year of homeschooling. In public school, my children used BrainPOP and loved it. It is very easy to find information about any topic, in great detail, for all grade levels to understand. It’s great for strong and beginner readers, visual learners, and auditory learners.


Homeschool parent of 3

Looking for materials for grades K-3?

Find the right fit for your learners

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For multiple learners K-8

BrainPOP Combo



Plan highlights:

300+ additional BrainPOP Jr. topics ranging from K-3

Everything in BrainPOP Homeschool (3-8)

Access to all learning activities & content for BrainPOP Jr.

For grades 3-8



Plan highlights:

4 homeschool student profiles

800+ diverse topics that include movies, assessments, and learning activities

Insights Reports to track and celebrate your homeschooler’s progress

Creativity projects including movie-making, coding, and more



  • Think of it this way:

    BrainPOP Homeschool: Designed specifically for homeschooling parents and teachers. Get tools to create assignments, track progress, access lesson plans, and manage up to 4 student profiles – all from your Teacher Dashboard.

    BrainPOP Family: Perfect for families who want their kids to explore fun, educational topics on their own. Includes educational movies, quizzes, games, and 2 child profiles 

  • Find the topic you want to teach.

    Choose the activity you want your homeschoolers to do (movie, quiz, game, etc.).

    Click the "Assign" button.

    Fill out the assignment details:

    • Title

    • Instructions (optional)

    • Due date (optional)

    • Customize activities if desired (e.g., specific quiz questions or creative projects).

    You can find and edit assignments later in your Teacher Dashboard, as well as track student progress.

  • When you assign activities with automatic grading, their results will show up right in your Teacher Dashboard. You'll see assignment summaries, progress reports, and even how they're developing important literacy skills.

  • When you assign activities with automatic grading, their results will show up right in your Teacher Dashboard. You'll see assignment summaries, progress reports, and even how they're developing important literacy skills.