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Become a voice in the BrainPOP community

Bring your passion and experience, and we'll create opportunities to share them with our community! See how you can get involved in the BrainPOP educator community and make an impact.

Teacher with his arm around Moby's shoulder
Teacher with arm around Moby's shoulders

Learn, collaborate, and create as a Certified BrainPOP Educator (CBE)

Do you love using BrainPOP in the classroom? Are you looking for new teaching strategies to try in your instruction? We want to learn about your unique stories as a teacher and provide a platform to share your expertise. Register for our next Certified BrainPOP Educator (CBE) course where you will learn new strategies to support your classroom instruction. 


As a CBE, you can share your expert teaching advice, and enjoy special perks including:

Consult on the latest BrainPOP product enhancements and be the first to know about new releases and updates

Expand your professional learning network through educator community events

Learn how to use BrainPOP to supplement your instruction

Show off your exclusive BrainPOP swag!

What does a Certified BrainPOP Educator (CBE) do?

Share your expertise on focus groups and panels, collaborate on guest blogs through interviews or submissions, get creative with our social media team, learn (and laugh) at virtual and in-person meetups, lead conversations at in-person and virtual conferences
Teacher in contemplation

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Join a global community of

like-minded educators

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The Teacher Network by BrainPOP

This is a space for educators to exchange ideas, resources, and tips, build connections, and have fun! ALL educators are welcome–current teachers, former teachers, administrators, thought leaders, folks who use BrainPOP, and folks who don’t (yet!).

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Love from our CBEs

In my district, I am known as "Mr. BrainPOP"! Every time anybody has BrainPOP questions they come to me. If I can't answer the question, I email the BrainPOP team. I've also led many workshops for my school and district. I presented with BrainPOP at ISTE a couple of years ago, led a BrainPOP workshop in NYC, was a CBE of the Month, and wrote blog articles for BrainPOP–all super meaningful experiences!

Ricardo Vela
Social Studies Teacher
White Plains City Schools, New York

As a technology integration coach, it's important to me that my teachers utilize the resources we invest in purposefully. Informing them about great updates, modeling best practices in BrainPOP, and showing off my amazing BrainPOP swag are a huge part of my identity!

Amy Monigal
Instructional Coach
Oshkosh Area School District, Wisconsin

I thoroughly love, enjoy, and appreciate BrainPOP. I use BrainPOP Jr. as a resource constantly each year to help students learn and understand the content we cover in our class. I think so highly of the resource and think it is so well done. I am grateful to have a small part in the BrainPOP world by being a Certified BrainPOP Educator.

Lisa Kay Wenske
Austin Independent School District, Texas

  • The CBE course typically takes 20 hours to complete across 4 weeks.

  • The CBE course is completely FREE! All you need is a school or district BrainPOP subscription and access to an individual account.

  • Courses are hosted on an external LMS platform where new modules are released weekly. These modules can be completed asynchronously at your own pace.


    Although this is an asynchronous experience, you are not alone! A course facilitator will be available to provide continuous support throughout the 4 weeks. Also, your professional learning network grows the moment you begin the course! You will have the opportunity to connect with fellow educators in the cohort so that you can learn and grow together.

  • The CBE program has an entry point for both teachers who work with students AND teachers who work with other teachers. Courses will dive into easy-to-implement teaching strategies with all of BrainPOP’s learning activities.

    Modules will include:

    • Specific ways to boost student engagement and measure learning outcomes

    • Learning Activities that can be used to increase literacy gains across the curriculum

    • Recommendations for how to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all learners

    • Stories and tips from other CBEs!

  • The next CBE cohort is the Fall 2024 Cohort launching on October 7th. 

    During the summer, we will be hosting virtual events to support you with your back-to-school plans. Check our Events Page for details.

Become a Certified BrainPOP Educator

Fill out the form below for information about our next cohort and a link to register!

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