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Inspire learning moments that stick, filled with creativity and fun. Discover your all-in-one supplemental solution for homeschool curriculums.

Create homeschool memories your kids will never forget

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BrainPOP Homeschool

Save 33% when you pick an annual BrainPOP Homeschool plan at checkout—no code needed!

Mother and son sit on a couch and smile in front of a computer
Mother and son sit on a couch and smile in front of a computer
Moby stands next to a sticky note
Tim stands next to a sticky note

Set kids up for success

 by building core knowledge, higher order thinking and social emotional skills.

Plan complete


with 1,200+ topics that include an embedded movie, projects, and assessments.

Make learning exciting

and never like a chore, with a solution proven to boost achievement in class. 


Quality tools for your type of homeschool


Create up to four learner profiles so everyone can receive and submit individual assignments.

Organize your class

Four childrens' headshots

Choose from 1,200+ grade-leveled topics across all K-8 subjects, and visit our Educators resource hub for lesson ideas and extra tips.

Plan your lessons 

Scrolling iPad gif of topics available on BrainPOP

Introduce key concepts with animated movies, then build deeper understanding and skills with creative projects, quizzes, and learning activities.

Watch, create, assess

Tim and Moby in Ancient Greece. Moby wears a toga over a creative coding design.

A simple approach to make learning stick

BrainPOP is proven to boost achievement in classrooms, and our secret is in how we put kids’ interests, humor, and creativity first.


Monitor your dashboard to inspire more individualized instruction by assessing your learners’ progress on creativity projects, quizzes, and more.

Track progress and customize instruction

Father, two boys, and mother laugh while sitting on a couch with a computer.

Your homeschool plan includes


Access to 1,200+ topics for grades K-8


Creativity projects including movie making, coding, and more


Reading support with Microsoft Immersive Reader


One teacher profile and up to 4 learner profiles


Access to our Educators resource hub


Teacher dashboard to track learner progress


Online learning games library 

Kindergarten aged girl smiles and holds a tablet. The tablet shows the characters Annie and Moby waving at the camera.

Find the right fit for your learners

 You will not be charged until your trial is over.

For multiple learners K-8

BrainPOP Combo


$430/year and save 28%

Plan highlights:

Access to all content and activities for both BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr.

Best value for multiple learners across grades

For grades K-3

BrainPOP Jr.


$295/year and save 18%

Plan highlights:

200+ age-appropriate topics for grades K-3

Simplified creativity projects like concept mapping and coding 

Hard and Easy Quiz

Additional activities and worksheets

For grades 3-8



$350/year and save 27%

Plan highlights:

800+ diverse topics for grades 3-8

Creativity projects including movie making, coding, and more

Built-in assessments and additional activities

Annie stands next to a sticky note
Moby appears over the sticky note
Nat stands to the right of the sticky note

Build core


BrainPOP movies make even the most complex topics interesting, relatable, and easy to understand.

Check for understanding

Use a Quiz or Challenge to see how well learning is going, and reinforce learning with additional activities.

Reinforce with creativity

Try movie-making, coding, or other creative projects so learners can express their new understanding in their own way. 



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