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Elevate and enrich instruction with Professional Learning Services

From a product to a partner—for every school and district

BrainPOP goes beyond movies. Ensure your educators get the most out of your school or district's BrainPOP subscription—in a format that fits your schedule—with professional development that strengthens and elevates instructional best practices across the curriculum.


Teachers left ready to apply what they learned in the classroom


Teachers agree that BrainPOP Professional Learning was a valuable use of their time

Source: Teacher feedback collected from teachers who completed BrainPOP Professional Learning Services sessions in 2023-2024.


Strategy-based workshops to activate and deepen learning

Choose from self-paced, online, and in-person workshops designed to empower educators at all experience levels—from curious beginners to seasoned veterans—to incorporate all of the BrainPOP products into every lesson. 

  • Foundational workshops activate teachers’ knowledge of all BrainPOP products, helping them discover more ways to complement your core curriculum and boost student engagement.

  • Coming November 2024

    Help teachers deepen their instructional impact by focusing on tailored instructional strategies and opportunities for project-based learning, including scaffolded lessons for multilingual learners.


Your professional learning experts

When you add Professional Learning Services to your subscription, your teachers learn from a team of dedicated professionals skilled in evidence-based instruction and effective implementation.

Bobbi Bear

Bobbi has more than 20 years’ experience in providing educational thought leadership—and therefore knows the value of blending technology and instruction to support student growth and engagement. Prior to BrainPOP, she was a literacy educator and has led instructional advocacy and professional learning initiatives with IXL and McGraw Hill’s digital acceleration group.

Michele Robinson

Michele’s 30+ years of experience as an elementary teacher, instructional coach, district administrator, and adult learning facilitator have shaped her approach to serving educators, schools, and districts. She loves the symbiosis that comes when educators learn and work together to find effective teaching and learning strategies.

Kelsie Stocz

After a 17-year journey in middle school science, Kelsie now channels her experiences into igniting professional growth in middle school educators’ careers nationwide. She is passionate about infusing her sessions with dynamic instructional strategies for multidimensional learning and tips to support all learners in the science classroom.

Robert Miller

After teaching and developing curriculum content for 20+ years, Robert now supports schools and districts using BrainPOP—and loves seeing educators experience those “aha” moments. Robert has presented at national ed-tech conferences, science expos, and STEM events, always highlighting his belief that instruction should be open-ended and student-directed.

Marley Zeno

Marley brings her depth of knowledge in ELL pedagogy and language acquisition to support teachers as they create accessible and engaging learning experiences for all students. Prior to joining BrainPOP, Marley provided professional development to teachers of ELLs, instructed elementary ELLs in the NYC Department of Education, and taught pre-and in-service teachers as an adjunct lecturer at Hunter College.

Christina Knabe

From her early years teaching K-6 to her district-wide role as a Staff Developer, Christina brings more than a decade of expertise to helping teachers create blended classrooms that support all learners. She has initiated STEM programs in low-income schools, brought hands-on science experiences to classrooms across a large school district, and more—all with the support of fellow educators.

Sarah Roush

For the past twenty years, spreading a love and understanding of science has motivated Sarah’s career. After starting as a research scientist, with a PhD from Yale in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Sarah embraced her love of teaching and has since taught science and math to students of all abilities and ages, from kindergarten to graduate school. Now, she is passionate about sharing enthusiasm with fellow educators.

Get BrainPOP—and Professional Learning Services—in your school or district


A platform of trusted products for every classroom


Set teachers up for success

With BrainPOP Professional Learning Services, teachers will gain more than knowledge of our products—they’ll also discover new ways to complement your core curriculum and boost student engagement.

Before PLS

Introduce a topic

I use BrainPOP as a front-of-class way to introduce a topic, then move onto my own material.

Before PLS

Engage students

I know that my students love learning on BrainPOP because they get excited when they hear the name.

Before PLS

Use some activities with confidence

I see lots of buttons, but I don’t know what they do—and besides, I like the few activities I already use.

After PLS

Differentiate to target Instruction

After the movie, I create individual or targeted small-group assignments with differentiated learning activities that meet each student where they are.

After PLS

Engage students—with tangible impact

 I know that BrainPOP is helping my students meet their learning goals because I use the data from in-product reports to guide instructional decisions.

After PLS

Use all activities with confidence

I didn’t realize how much BrainPOP could do! I can’t wait to get back to the classroom to utilize all of the tools and strategies I’ve learned.