Inspire a love of learning in all your K-3 students

Engage young learners in topics while building foundational skills. BrainPOP Jr. delivers content and tools that cultivate student curiosity and confidence in any subject.

BrainPOP Research Literacy Skills

Proven to improve literacy skills in all subjects

Students who use BrainPOP Jr. demonstrate 23% growth in literacy skills by building background knowledge and enhancing comprehension.

Made just for young learners

Teach through storytelling

Topics are introduced by beloved and relatable characters in a way that’s inviting and easy to access.

Age-appropriate activities

BrainPOP Jr. blends hands-on tasks with digital activities to deepen and extend learning.

Cultivate early literacy skills

BrainPOP Jr. supports emerging readers and writers with visual and audio support in all topics.

Animation and graphics

Mouse-over audio

Coming soon: Built-in MIR

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