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Research & Efficacy

Proven to drive student learning and measurable outcomes

There’s a reason we're trusted to help 25+ million students succeed. BrainPOP strengthens literacy skills across elementary and middle school curriculums to boost achievement for every school and district.

BrainPOP Science™  is proven to accelerate evidence-based writing and reasoning skills.

Consistent use of BrainPOP is proven to accelerate literacy skill proficiency.

Students with BrainPOP saw improved performance on their ELA, Math, and Science state test scores.

BrainPOP has been independently validated to meet ESSA Tier II and Tier III requirements, meaning it qualifies for federal funding dollars and meets districts' needs for effective complements to core curriculum.

A promise of impact that's backed by research


Meets ESSA Tier 2 requirements and is proven to raise academic achievement.

Proven Effective

Meets ESSA Evidence of Impact Requirements

Awarded two certifications
for research-based design
and learner variability.

Digital Promise Approved

Digital Promise

Recognized for enhancing
best practices of digital age teaching and learning.

Awarded ISTE Seal

ISTE Seal June 2022 - 2025

BrainPOP Jr. earned the
Common Sense seal for
quality and impact.

Common Sense Selection

Common Sense Selection Learning

Strengthen literacy skills and deepen content knowledge for all learners

How to Maximize a Knowledge-Building
Approach to Literacy with BrainPOP, 2022

Foster equitable learning opportunities with our Access for All framework

Equity in Learning with BrainPOP:
Fostering Access and Impact for All, 2020

Incorporate visual texts and game-based learning to improve student engagement and literacy skills

Visual Information is a Fundamental
Element in Learning, 2015

Game-based learning plays a role in formative assessment preparation

A-GAMES Part 2:
Case Studies, 2015

Deepen engagement, motivation and comprehension for students with learning challenges

Building Skill Mastery and Self-Confidence
through BrainPOP,  2011

Support language development and
acquisition for ELL students

Improving Academic Success
with BrainPOP,  2011

Animation-based learning increases students’ knowledge transfer and retention

Effects of Animation
in Learning,  2009

Improve comprehension
across academic subjects

A Study of the Effectiveness of
BrainPOP,  2008

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