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Raise the bar for multidimensional science in middle school

Maximize your science minutes with pre-packaged investigations and engineering projects where students practice the practices—and learn the content—in a single experience.

Assign comprehensive, ready-to-use investigations

Built-in science writing

Engaging phenomena

Enhance lessons with the ability to assign individual resources

Real-world data

Quick, high-impact activities

Launch accessible and relevant engineering projects

Hands-on prototyping

Content and practice

How will BrainPOP Science fit your needs?


Activate students' scientific learning with an embedded CER process that's anchored in relatable phenomena and proven to accelerate writing and reasoning skills.

Students start with the phenomenon and use scientific practices to record observations from a variety of resources—observations that they later use as evidence to form a scientific explanation and answer a Guiding Question.

1. Activate 2. Observe and check 3. Explain using the Claim-Evidence-Reasoning model

Investigations and Engineering Projects

BrainPOP Science disciplines

Our collection of 110+ investigations across three disciplines—Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth and Space Science—supports students as they explore phenomena, ask questions, gather observations, deepen comprehension, and back up their claims with evidence: just like real scientists.

Life Science

    Cell Membrane

Guiding Question

How do cells eat without a mouth?

Physical Science

Chemical Reactions

Guiding Question

Why can't you unbake a cake?

Earth and Space Science

Orbital Motion

Guiding Question

What keeps the International Space Station in orbit around Earth?


Modified interactives from PhET and resources co-created with Field Day Learning Labs. Students explore science principles, manipulate models, and deepen conceptual understanding through interactive observation.

Data Manipulatives

Real-world, scientific data in interactive charts, graphs, and maps, giving students more opportunities to enhance their understanding of key concepts. They are created in partnership with Tuva.

BrainPOP 3D Worlds ™

Virtual “landscapes” where students can observe and explore science concepts and conversations.


Three-minute podcast-like audio pieces that explore the history of science through stories that don’t make the headlines.


5-minute activity to help students uncover and contextualize the meaning of content-specific terms from the investigation.


Multidimensional content framed in a variety of question types that mimic high-stakes testing.

Related Readings

Engaging, informational texts that use scientific terms and principles in context.