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Unlock complex science concepts for all middle schoolers

BrainPOP Science complements your classroom curriculum to bring multidimensional science to life. Middle schoolers see themselves as scientists and engineers as they are guided through immersive scientific investigations.


BrainPOP Science is proven to accelerate evidence-based writing and reasoning skills.

Award-winning science instruction

Conservation of Matter

A baker says they can make more bread by letting the dough rise longer. Do you agree? Why or why not?


Experience BrainPOP Science yourself with a sample investigation

Dive deep into BrainPOP's approach to science by discipline

Our collections of comprehensive science units and investigations by discipline support students as they explore phenomena, ask questions, gather observations, deepen comprehension, and back up their claims with evidence—just like real scientists. 

Life Science

Physical Science

See three-dimensional learning experiences in action

With BrainPOP Science, middle schoolers are inspired to take the lead with their own learning through the exploration of real-world scientific phenomena. 

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Develop critical scientific and data literacy skills

Virtual science and engineering practices embedded in our digital tools for students to test hypotheses, manipulate real models, and encourage scientific discussion.

Strengthen science practices and writing skills

Increase students’ ability to comprehend scientific texts and write clear explanations to support scientific claims.

Prepare students for science assessments

Actionable data informs instruction with practice opportunities that mirror state tests.

Expand science teacher capacity in the classroom

Integrate complex science and engineering practices with ready-to-go investigations and built-in guides.

Prepare your middle schoolers for high school science

Introducing Engineering Projects

Engage students with real-world engineering practices and core concepts defined by NGSS benchmarks:

  • Defining a problem and identifying the criteria and constraints for a solution

  • Developing and comparing multiple solutions

  • Creating and testing a prototype to gather data and evaluate performance

  • Communicating their process and findings

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