Drive measurable outcomes in every kind of classroom

Lively, focused, noisy, productive—classrooms change every day. BrainPOP builds essential literacy skills in all subjects and delivers real-time insights, so you always know your impact.

Time-saving support for teachers in the classroom

Lesson plans for every topic

Standards alignments

Professional development and certification

Global community of thought leaders

Fill instructional gaps and boost any curriculum

Build knowledge

Engage all your learners with accessible and interactive animated movies that build background knowledge and literacy skills for every student.

Apply and assess

Auto-graded activities—Pause Points, Quizzes, and Challenges—help teachers differentiate instruction and track progress.

Deepen and extend

Build higher-order thinking skills and foster creativity with student-driven learning activities like Make-a-Movie and Creative Coding.

Introducing new data-driven insights in the teacher dashboard!

Engage and assess with Pause Points

Leveled question sets and prompts built right into BrainPOP movies check for understanding and give teachers real-time insights.

Proven to strengthen students' literacy skills

Our national efficacy study shows that use of BrainPOP assessments led to a 17% increase in skill proficiency across subjects.

Helping educators transform their classrooms

Bring BrainPOP's online teaching resources to your school or district!