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Build knowledge and essential skills with the power of curiosity, humor, and inquiry. BrainPOP’s playful, standards-aligned content deepens and extends learning all year.

BrainPOP Research Literacy Skills

Proven to improve literacy skills in all subjects

Students who use BrainPOP demonstrate 17% growth in literacy skills by building background knowledge and enhancing comprehension.

Built-in support for the entire learning journey

Build knowledge

Engage all your learners with accessible and interactive animated movies to spark a love of learning.

Apply and assess

Tap into activities to reinforce students’ learning and gain insights for targeted differentiation.

Deepen and extend

Get your students excited to flex their creative muscles while encouraging autonomy with projects that build higher-order thinking skills.

Power up with Pause Points

Introducing a whole new way to watch BrainPOP movies! Leveled question sets and prompts are built right in to engage and assess students like never before.

Your partner in the classroom to save time and deepen learning

Lesson plans for every topic

Standards alignments

Professional development and certification

Global community of thought leaders

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