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When school's out and the kids are home, try these easy and fun activities straight from our team of learning experts to build skills for success in all subjects.

Activities kids will love during Spring Break

Annie holds a soccer ball outside while Moby is the goalie.
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Sticky notes with Tim and Rita, and Annie and Moby waving
Ready…set…Spring Break!

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

There’s no end of a rainbow, but your curious learners can get to the bottom of how they’re formed.


Camouflage Catwalk

Explore all the different types of camouflage found in the wild and in the nature around you. 

Savvy Savers

Savvy Savers

Turn abstract numbers into fun, concrete goals and get excited about math by learning to reach new goals.


Map it Out

Where in the world are you? Learn about maps and create your own to practice orienteering.

Figure sitting in lotus position

Move Like Moby

Demonstrate the importance of exercise while mirroring one of our animated character’s best moves.

Build and reinforce skills in every subject during your week away from school.


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